S2 Saddle Development Story

As part of our development of the S2 range we wanted to create a new saddle that aesthetically fitted in the range but fulfilled our desires for a rad looking saddle. It had to be clean, simple and functional.
The S2 saddle has sprung to success, achieving a 4.5 out of 5 as well as ‘Most Wanted’ award in MBUK Magazine!

Our new Anti-Slide™ grippers actually came about by a chance encounter with this grippy PU material. Immediately we knew we had to utilise these as a feature to hold you in place on mucky rides. We’re a UK brand and we ride in all conditions, so keeping control is paramount. Having had saddles that are too grippy and also those that are too slick, this new material really strikes the best balance for overall performance.

The new S2 AM saddle features the most ergonomically designed padding we’ve ever offered. Unhappy with off the shelf options, we researched foam cuts and the finished product with its deep central channel offers great comfort whilst retaining a low profile.

Utilising an easy to maintain non porous material, the new cover is also glued to the black injection molded base. This staple-less design not only reduces weight, but also makes it easy to clean and removes any edges which may catch your riding shorts.

The black injection molded base is lightweight. The hollow chromo rails uniquely mount on suspended points to allow further compliance when sat pedalling. These features combined have allowed us to make a truly high performing saddle, as its 4.5 out of 5 star review in MBUK and ‘Most Wanted’ award show.

Not content with introducing one new saddle, we also decided to release our first ever saddle aimed at junior riders, the S2 SM. This saddle features the same cover as the AM variant, but comes in at roughly 2/3’s the size. We also increased the height of the Anti-slide™ grippers by a few mm, to increase purchase for younger riders. You will also see us promoting this saddle with our downhill and freeride riders, in testing we found that they loved the more compact size and increased grip on longer travel bikes.

Not stopping there, we also crafted a new dirt jump saddle for our pro slopestyle riders. With input from Red Bull athlete and friend Matt Jones, we created a brand new saddle for dirt.

The S2 DJ shares the same cover material as the railed S2 saddles, but on a pivotal stealth body. This means that you tighten through the bottom of the seat post using a T-handle hex key. We also moved the Anti-Slide™ grippers to around the nose for extra grip when sending tricks.