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Read our blog about the fundamentals for choosing the right headset for your bike.

Mix'n'Match Headsets

Check out this Youtube Short for step-by-step instructions.

Youtube Short

We've made a fitting instruction guide just for you!


Single speed is a great way to make your bike easy to maintain. Click the download to find instructions on how to install your Gusset Squire tensioner.


Ready to shred with the ease of single speed? That's cool - check out the download to learn how to install our XD 1-er.


Ah yes, you've purchased an S2 Direct Mount Stem and now you need to know how to fit it. No worries, just open the download for instructions.


Assuming you've bought an S2 stem from us(!) then the download here will be able to help! It will also have you covered for many other standard mountain bike stems, but best to check with the manufacturers instructions.



Below we have some instructions for fitting our common products. We hope you find them useful!
We're still available to chat through any of your troubles when fitting our components (preferably, bike-related troubles)

Pedal Fitting

Learn how to install our pedals by downloading the guide.


S2 AM Stem

These fitting instructions will cover you for many other stems too, but we hope you're here because you chose ours. Download the guide.


S2 DM Stem

Download the guide on installing our Direct Mount stem here.


Waffen Bottom Bracket

A longstanding product in our range, attached is some (old-school) instruction on fitting your Waffen Bottom Bracket.


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