Multi-award Winning Lock-On Grips

Since launching the Gusset S2 grips, these have been my favourite mountain bike grips by far.” – Matt Jones

Grips are an important part of your bike and give the most feedback and feel and choosing the right grip will not only promote confidence but help improve your bike handling and riding experience.

"So they've got a concentric design which is really important. So there's more cushion on the top of the grip where all the load goes when you land. And they have textured panels on the back with less padding. So when you pull up, you've got more confidence and don't lose as much feel. They're available in seven colours, which is mad."

With this feedback you can see why the S2 Lock on grip has won awards and accolades globally.


Group Test Winner

“The updated S2s boast an off-centre, tapered core, which allows Gusset to add bulk-free cushioning under your palm. Here, a large knurled diamond pattern grips sweaty hands and wet gloves with ease, while the ribbed underside gives plenty to dig your digits into….. “

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Best On Test

“They provide unparalleled damping and lessen wrist-jarring on big impacts. The single lockring means you can easily access the full width of the grip, with support over the whole palm”