Sleeper Non-Flanged Grips

Push on ribbed pattern grip with no flange

RRP £10.00 inc. VAT



Noun: Sleeper; Plural Noun: Sleepers

An object that appears normal on the outside but performs far beyond expectations; this is not just another ribbed grip.

Taking what we knew about the classic ribbed pattern grip we looked on how to improve it: using the best available premium materials we made the grip soft for better feel, hold and shock absorption. From extensive testing and experience we have developed this super-soft non-flanged grip to be 147mm long and 30mm in diameter, with a choice of 9 colours.


  • Classic multi-ribbed pattern
  • Premium materials.
  • Super-soft 15A hardness
  • 30mm diameter.
  • 147mm length.
  • 9 colours – Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple and Aqua
  • Black End Plugs Included.

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