Trident ISIS Bottom Bracket

Hardcore use ISIS BB

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Hardcore use ISIS BB that won’t let you down, rip your frame threads to pieces.

Triple Bearing;
The large diameter ISIS axles mean that there is limited space for the bearings to fit into the BB area, and so, relatively small bearings have to be used. This Trident unit uses 3 bearings (2 on the drive side) to reduce the load on each bearing and hence lengthen the bearing life.

Dip Centre;
Many frames have either tube ends, or a non machined centre to the BB shell. This can present a problem for some BB units that do not “Dip” in the middle area… as the BB can risk fouling the inner BB shell during installation, which can result in misalignment, and consequent cross threading of the frame BB threads.
The Trident unit does have the required centre clearance for use with most frames without this problem*.
(*However, extreme care should still be utilised when installing cartridge BBs – to completely avoid this common problem.)

Cr-Mo TAF cups;
ISIS BB cups have to be produced in a relatively thin wall thickness – to allow maximum space for bearings. Lightweight, thin alloy cups run the risk of cracking under hard use due to their lack of base material strength. Further, Aluminium is a relatively soft material, and therefore cups produced in Aluminium can be prone to the delicate threads breaking up on installation and extraction during servicing – especially if the frame threads are not 100% clean. This can result in major frame thread problems, as the broken alloy shards can bind further and can eventually cause the frame BB threads to become ripped out also.
We specify Forged Cr-Mo cups – which are far stronger than their Alumimium equivalents – and yet have a similar weight. These TAF Cr-Mo cups with CNC machined threads are far less likely to crack from hard use, or allow their threads to break up during installation and extraction.

  • Heavy duty 3 sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Low profile dip centre. (improved inner frame BB clearance.)
  • TAF Cr-Mo cups. (Strong and reliable).
  • CNC Machined steel threads.
  • Secondary water seals on cups.

68×113 E-type (suitable for use with chain devices if desired.)
(Can also be used on 73mm std BB shell)